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Becoming a Christian

Below are links to all 128 sermons from the book of Acts.

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Acts 21 – 28 Acts: The Unfinished Story, part 3 MP3
Acts 13 – 20 Acts: The Unfinished Story, part 2 MP3
Acts 1 – 12 Acts: The Unfinished Story, part 1 MP3
Acts 28:23-28 A Final Farewell MP3
Acts 28:16-22 The Undaunted Evangelist MP3
Acts 28:11-15 And Thus We Came to Rome MP3
Acts 28:1-10 Beloved Heathen MP3
Acts 27:27-44 Conquering Adversity, part 3 MP3
Acts 27:13-26 Conquering Adversity, part 2 MP3
Acts 27:1-12 Conquering Adversity, part 1 MP3
Acts 26:24-32 Words of Sober Truth MP3
Acts 26:19-23 Faithful to Obey MP3
Acts 26:9-18 Saved by Grace MP3
Acts 26:1-8 The Hope of the Promise MP3
Acts 25:13-27 The Power of a Godly Life MP3
Acts 25:1-12 Justice MP3
Acts 24:22-27 Spiritual Procrastination MP3
Acts 24:10-21 Cheerfully Defending Yourself MP3
Acts 24:1-9 An Inverted World MP3
Acts 23:25-35 Content with Weakness MP3
Acts 23:12-24 Lessons in Providence MP3
Acts 23:6-11 Hope on Trial MP3
Acts 22:30 – 23:5 Conditions of the Conscience MP3
Acts 22:22-29 Governance Under God MP3
Acts 22:12-21 Receive Your Sight MP3
Acts 22:3-11 Confronted by the Light MP3
Acts 21:37 – 22:2 When Bad Things Happen to God's People, part 2 MP3
Acts 21:27-36 When Bad Things Happen to God's People, part 1 MP3
Acts 21:17-26 Unity Under Pressure MP3
Acts 21:7-16 The Courage of Commitment, part 2 MP3
Acts 21:1-6 The Courage of Commitment, part 1 MP3
Acts 20:32-38 Leading by Example MP3
Acts 20:28-31 Shepherd the Church MP3
Acts 20:22-27 How to Live As a Christian MP3
Acts 20:18-21 How I Was with You MP3
Acts 20:8-17 Together in Christ MP3
Acts 20:1-7 Paul's Love for the Church MP3
Acts 19:29-41 A Riot in Ephesus, part 2 MP3
Acts 19:21-28 A Riot in Ephesus, part 1 MP3
Acts 19:13-20 The Prevailing Word of God, part 2 MP3
Acts 19:8-12 The Prevailing Word of God, part 1 MP3
Acts 19:1-7 Truncated Faith MP3
Acts 18:24-28 Apollos – Man of Impact MP3
Acts 18:11-23 Test Results MP3
Acts 18:1-10 The Sufficiency of God's Grace MP3
Acts 17:29-34 The Study of God, part 2 MP3
Acts 17:22-28 The Study of God, part 1 MP3
Acts 17:16-21 Sophisticated Sinners MP3
Acts 17:10-15 Making the Most of Our Time MP3
Acts 17:1-9 How to Upset the World MP3
Acts 16:26-40 What Must I Do to Be Saved? MP3
Acts 16:19-25 Praise in Persecution MP3
Acts 16:16-18 Three Portraits of Women MP3
Acts 16:11-15 Lydia the Liberated Lady MP3
Acts 16:1-10 Dealing Well with Change MP3
Acts 15:30-41 The Purposes of God MP3
Acts 15:22-29 Good Results of a Good Decision MP3
Acts 15:12-21 The Triumph of Grace MP3
Acts 15:6-11 Saved Through Grace MP3
Acts 15:3-5 Joy, Love, and Disagreement MP3
Acts 15:1-2 Grace Alone MP3
Acts 14:24-28 Going Home MP3
Acts 14:19-23 Dogged Commitment MP3
Acts 14:8-18 Destroying the Fortresses of Foolishness MP3
Acts 14:1-7 Faithful to the Lord MP3
Acts 13:48-52 Seven Reactions to the Gospel, part 2 MP3
Acts 13:42-47 Seven Reactions to the Gospel, part 1 MP3
Acts 13:32-41 What Christ's Resurrection Means for You MP3
Acts 13:23-31 Proof That Jesus Is the Savior MP3
Acts 13:17-23 God's Lovingkindness to His People MP3
Acts 13:13-16 The Priority of Preaching MP3
Acts 13:1-12 Why Saul Became Paul MP3
Acts 12:20-25 A Man Who Opposed God MP3
Acts 12:12-19 Too Good to Be True MP3
Acts 12:1-11 Effectual, Fervent Prayer MP3
Acts 11:27-30 Christian Generosity MP3
Acts 11:19-26 Church Growth Divine Style MP3
Acts 11:1-18 Resolving Disagreement Within the Church MP3
Acts 10:44-48 Gentiles Enter the Church MP3
Acts 10:34-43 The Gospel for a God-Fearer MP3
Acts 10:17-33 Our Will, God's Will MP3
Acts 10:9-16 Clean, Unclean, and Cleansed MP3
Acts 10:1-8 The Man Who Sought God MP3
Acts 9:32-43 An Imitator of Christ MP3
Acts 9:26-31 The Victorious Gospel MP3
Acts 9:19-25 The Transformed Life MP3
Acts 9:10-19 The Greeter MP3
Acts 9:1-9 The Conversion of Paul MP3
Acts 8:35-40 New Life in Christ MP3
Acts 8:25-34 Evangelism Made Easy MP3
Acts 8:14-24 What the Unsaved Don't Understand MP3
Acts 8:9-13 God's Battle for Samaria MP3
Acts 8:5-8 The Joy of Fruitful Ministry MP3
Acts 8:1-4 The Impact of One Man's Death MP3
Acts 7:57-60 Stephen – In Memoriam MP3
Acts 7:51-56 How to Take Flak for Christ MP3
Acts 7:44-50 Three Houses of God MP3
Acts 7:36-43

The Audacity of Disobedience

Acts 7:17-35

Persistent Resistance

Acts 7:1-16

God and Your Comfort Zone

Acts 6:8-15

The Man with the Face of an Angel

Acts 6:1-7

Problem-Solving in the Church

Acts 5:33-42


Acts 5:17-32


Acts 5:12-16

God's Strategy for Church Growth

Acts 5:7-11

The Lesson of Ananias and Sapphira

Acts 5:1-6

The Indignation of God

Acts 4:32-37

When Christians Get Real

Acts 4:23-31

Reveling in God's Sovereignty

Acts 4:13-22

The Power of Conviction

Acts 4:8-12

Peter Proclaims Jesus' Name

Acts 4:1-7

Man's Reaction to God's Truth

Acts 3:19-26

God's Glorified Servant, part 2

Acts 3:11-18

God's Glorified Servant, part 1

Acts 3:1-10

The Lame Man's Healing

Acts 2:42-47

The Perfect Beginning of the Church, part 2

Acts 2:42-47

The Perfect Beginning of the Church, part 1

Acts 2:37-41

The First Great Ingathering of Souls

Acts 2:29-36

The Evidence of Jesus' Exaltation

Acts 2:22-28

Evidence of Jesus' Messiahship

Acts 2:14-21

The Meaning of Pentecost

Acts 2:5-13

Public Faith

Acts 2:1-4

The Birth of the Church

Acts 1:20-26

Appointing an Apostle

Acts 1:12-19

A Christian's Response to Crisis

Acts 1:6-11

The Ascension

Acts 1:1-5

Finishing Christ's Unfinished Work


An Introduction to Acts